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Tigers takes place in a world so dominated by nature that all humans live in fear of all animals, including house cats and squirrels.  The most feared beast, of course, is the Tiger, although no one has ever seen one.  To protect themselves they use advanced sci fi technology to build weaponized cities modeled after a by gone 50’s era suburbia.

All products are Titan Corp brand, including the mythical Sky Laser, the omnipotent protector of humanity, a flying super base that travels from city to city holding 4th of July style festivals to promote patriotism, known as Regional Sky Laser Day.

Tigers stars David Cross (John) as the put upon family man and super scientist who works at Enlighten Inc. The testing ground for the Bodhisattva chair. An electric chair that blasts people into enlightenment for science. Father of 3 his wife Jane keeps things kosher at home while wielding a gigantic hook for a hand. Tigers is best described as Freaks and Geeks meets The Venture Bros. 

Sky Laser

The mythical Sky Laser is a mysterious satellite that hovers over the planet like a giant printer cartridge. It has 3 giant lasers that it shoots at the ground at it’s own discretion. Hailed as a god, everyone puts their faith in Sky Laser. It’s origin is that it was created by Titan Corp. Although some beg to differ. Year round it travels from city to city holding 4th of July style festivals to promote patriotism, known as Regional Sky Laser Days. On Regional Sky Laser Day communities pile up great caches of fireworks and explosives as an offering. It arrives and blasts these caches with lasers in giant spectacle. Hippies go on “Sky Laser Tour”, much to the disappointment of local communities. When Sky Laser’s whereabouts are unknown people believe it to be out on the frontier, protecting them from Tigers.

Enlighten Inc.

John (David Cross) works at Enlighten Inc. A round stainless steel science lab that lies atop a giant silver space elevator. Within the lab lies the “Bodhisattva Chair” a chair used to blast people into enlightenment or the after life using Titan Corp brand dynamos and electricity. Their body does not survive and for a brief time John can talk to them via com, until they wander off or the connection is lost. He accepts volunteers and assisted suicide advocates as test subjects. Everyday he goes to work while people picket outside the laboratory, holding signs like, “Enlightenment is the easy way out!” One day Frank volunteers, John’s best friend.

 Planetary Culture

Nature is the great enemy. Tigers top the fear list. Girls aren’t aloud to where high heeled shoes because they might get caught in a storm drain and subsequently attacked by Tigers. Girls often rebel, sneaking out of the house at night to wear high heeled shows with their friends at slumber parties. High School Boys are encouraged to show off how fast they can run to impress girls at lunch. Tiger drills at school are a regular occurrence. Teachers paint tiger faces on cardboard boxes and chase the children out of class and down the hallways.

At night floating circular robots follow people around while putting a spot light on them. For safety.

On the television commercials play for roofing companies urging you to get dolphin proof shingles and squirrel proof windows.

Dynamos. Dynamos are the greatest power source in Tigers, powering all sorts of things. You can enter the Dynamo Lottery put on by Titan Corp to win your own Dynamo to use as you see fit. Dynamos are held at a facility outside the city, protected by armed guards who watch for  fearsome deer, squirrels and tigers.

Titan Corp

All products on the planet are Titan Corp, people love Titan Corp. The mysteries of Titan Corp will be revealed. They claim to have created the Sky Laser.

The Enlightened Man

The story really kicks off when one of John’s best friends and coworkers, Frank, decides he’s had enough and volunteers for the Bodisahtva chair. This bothers John, but performs the task for his friend and puts him in the chair. Exept this time, something goes ‘right’ with the experiment and Frank stays enlightened while remaining alive in his body. He becomes Lord Huckleberry. Enlighten Inc is shut down after this incident as Frank exhibits powers that the populace deem too much for regular society to contend with. John has no purpose now and freaks out and goes on Skylaser tour, leading him to figure out the mystery of Sky Laser and what is really going on with the animals and Titan Corp.

Other characters

Lawrence the forest watcher sits guard in a rocking chair at the edge of the forest with a shotgun, in his mind he is the sole protector of the city. John asks him if he can use his barn to recreate his own Bodishatva chair and enters the Dynamo Lottery, hoping to win a Dynamo to power it.

Lock and Saw live out in the country, not afraid of animals or tigers, they have collected a large pile of safes that they try to pry open, looking for dynamos and treasure inside. The safes they gathered from ancient ruins that look not unlike cities and buildings from 20th century Earth. This gets John thinking about the nature of this planet and a lost history.

John’s 3 kids. The older teenage boy plays Tiger practice with his friends, Tiger practice is a video game phenomenon. A virtual reality helmet is placed on your head and you are suspended with wires so you can run in place, it’s very Battlefield 4. The younger teenage girl sneaks out at night to wear high heeled shoes with her friends and is a little morbid. The youngest (baby or not, I haven’t decided) is there for young kid stuff.

To sum up

This is an extremely new idea and I’m writing the pilot now. If you have any ideas let me know! I’m open to anything and everything works better in collaboration. I consider this universe open season. I have some pretty good scenes I’m working on but we’ve only just started. Every time I talk to someone they have a good idea for it, help me write it if you want. For example, I have no idea whether the tigers are real or not. What is Titan Corp up to? What alternate world does the Enlightened Man (Seth Rogan?) live in? I’ll have a pieced together pilot posted soon, but would love some help.

Contact me at @thirdeyesavant on twitter or my email meganotch@gmail.com. Thanks! and thank you to Dan Harmon for the well deserved grilling. That was epic and one of the highlights of my life, for sure.









Portland based artist/designer Treigh Love takes us on a tour of her wacky and gritty creations.

The Photographers

” The Photographers ” Jaysun Spieth and Jos Smith have a style all their own.

Burma Deception

Movie Teaser

Showcase PDX

Monkey Puzzle

Journey 2006 – In the months leading up to the summer of 2006, Monkey Puzzle worked furiously to redefine its mission.  The July 2006: Monkey Odyssey show – and the execution of its 4th Burning Man theme camp a few weeks later – were equally classic demonstrations of the esprit de corps for which the tribe has come to be known. Using those experiences as a backdrop, this unprecedented documentary film offers a brief peek at the inner workings of the Monkey Puzzle tribe and exposes a few of the tricks they’ve mastered on how to inspire community through the artwork that is their lives.

Cultural Bridge (edit only)

Twisting Twirling

Ocelli music video // Musician promo

Fiction Failed This Familiy

Music Video // Ocelli Promo

Space Hole

March Fourth Marching Band music video

Nite to Lite

Nite to Lite, a time based art sculpture featuring a ceremonial entrance, a giant ice block full of digital clocks and a release into sacred geometry.

Tod Kurtzman Movement Arts

Yoda gets wasted



Tipper ” and Darkness.

Tipper Music


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FF9 vs 2×2

My first mash up video. Made around 2001. 2×2 from ” Songs for Older Women” is still the crowning achievement by Umphreys Mcgee as far as I’m concerned. I can still travel very far with headphones on.

Back in Black

The darkside is, back, in black.

Hitler vs. Dubstep

“Hitler learns that Trance is extinct on the playa.”

Hitler may have been overdone…but it figured fuck it. I wanted a shot. Enjoy.


I made this in 2004. It’s the Portland City Scape dancing to Planisphere from a Dave Seaman Mix (f*ckin amazing song). I did this way before sound keys for After Effects came out, copy and pasting keyframe madness. It’s a bit long and I lost it in the end cause I was on a deadline. So i did what i could. Enjoy!


Ah…what would a day without chemtrails be? Made in 2006.

Essential Mix VFX

The beginning rush part rules. The rest. meh. A quick little motion piece i made for the essential mix back in 03.

The Hellfire Weenie Roast

In 2005 artist Todji Kurtzman had a vision. A vision of a pulpit surrounded by hazmat men praying while Pastors and Preachers alike roast hotdogs on the rhetoric of fire. These men have no heads…they have fire shooting out of their necks. The interpretation is up to you. It was an honor to help build this sculpture for the playa on my first burn. It shaped the rest of my existence.

This edit is far too long, it was fashioned in post burn enthusiasm.  Actually I like it this way for some reason, there is something nice about pausing at a location of burning man. Most videos are fast paced romps across the playa. This is not. The shot of the Ferris Wheel lumbering across the playa was the first moment that i actually got ” struck ” by burning man. You’ll see. Have fun at the Hellfire Weenie Roast!

Tod Kurtzman Movement Arts


A little diddy i made during my first experience with After Effects…There are tons of chintzy photo effects, and a bunch of spelling mistakes, but also it delivers some choice words from our favorite psychedelic bard. Terence Mckenna vs Boards of Canada. Enjoy.

Absolutely Free / Zappa

Mix 15 years of having this song memorized with a couple shots of whiskey and anything can happen.

Shooting/Editing 2007

This is an old shooting/editing reel. It’s 3 years old but i figured I’d put it up. Enjoy

NotchCast #1

MegaNotch Podcast #1 :: 8.20.2009

“Bearded Woman’s Juicy Bits for a Vespa Gorilla Humper.”

This MegaNotch Podcast comes complete with our patented self-contradiction guarantee and is bundled with a 2 year “offensive behavior” time stamp.

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