Portland based artist/designer Treigh Love takes us on a tour of her wacky and gritty creations.

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The Photographers

” The Photographers ” Jaysun Spieth and Jos Smith have a style all their own.

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Monkey Puzzle

Journey 2006 – In the months leading up to the summer of 2006, Monkey Puzzle worked furiously to redefine its mission.  The July 2006: Monkey Odyssey show – and the execution of its 4th Burning Man theme camp a few weeks later – were equally classic demonstrations of the esprit de corps for which the [...]

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Twisting Twirling

Ocelli music video // Musician promo

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Fiction Failed This Familiy

Music Video // Ocelli Promo

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Space Hole

March Fourth Marching Band music video

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Nite to Lite

Nite to Lite, a time based art sculpture featuring a ceremonial entrance, a giant ice block full of digital clocks and a release into sacred geometry. Tod Kurtzman Movement Arts

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Tipper ” and Darkness. Tipper Music

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Essential Mix VFX

The beginning rush part rules. The rest. meh. A quick little motion piece i made for the essential mix back in 03.

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Shooting/Editing 2007

This is an old shooting/editing reel. It’s 3 years old but i figured I’d put it up. Enjoy

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